What is Murder Mystery Dinner Theater?

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater is a live, interactive show that is performed around the audience as they enjoy their meals and drinks.  This typically takes place during a 3 course dinner:

The doors open at the restaurant 30 minutes prior to the show, this would be a good time to get a drink.
A cocktail usually makes to grim business of murder easier to swallow.
Just prior to the show begins, salads are served.
Then the show begins!

Act 1: Enjoy your salad meet the characters.
Don’t get too attached, because one them is going to get…. MURDERED!

We give you a little time to collect yourselves and enjoy a dinner entrée (What entrees are served varies according to each venue)

Act 2: Clues are revealed, the mystery deepens.
At the end of the act, the audience is allowed to write their prediction of the guilty party on a ballet, along with what they believe the killers motive to be.

During this time, dessert is served, and some of the suspects will wander around your table for questioning.

Finally, Act 3 and the big reveal.  Find out who done it!

At the end, we reveal who came the closest to guessing who done it.
The best guess wins a prize!

Another prize is also provided to the funniest/cleverest/most inventive motive provided as well.