Upcoming Theatre Events in Los Angeles

Planning a party? Call Ken at 626-862-9086 for questions and dates and ways of giving a “thank you” to those who make your business successful.
Employees 1 to 300, or your wonderful clients, make it a fantastic event with dinner and a fun Murder Mystery.


Planning an event:

1. Bring us in for the entertainment

2. Join us at the Village Eatery for any show with less than 30 people. These are public events.

3. Choose your date and reserve the Village Eatery for your own special Company party with 30+ people

4. Or choose your own place to have your party and we’ll be there

Call for pricing and information about your special Event! 626-862-9086

     Village Eatery – 221 N Glendora Ave. 91741 –  Reservations – 626-852-1777

      LucaBella/Walker House – 121 N San Dimas Ave, San Dimas 91773 –  Reservations – 909-599-7799

      Covina Playhouse – Upstairs, 104 N Citrus Ave. Covina 91723 – Reservations – 626-331-8133

2018 Murder Mystery Season

The Will to Murder
Queen for a day or victim for … Murder?
Village Eatery
Feb. 10 – Saturday – 6:30 pm
LucaBella/Walker House
Feb. 18 – Sunday – 5:30 PM
Covina Playhouse – Upstairs
March 3 – Saturday – 6:30 pm
The Wash Basin Murder
Dirty laundry can lead to … murder!
Murder by Surprise
Murder…is it in the DNA?
13 guests for Murder
An unlucky number for … Murder?
Nine minus one = Murder
It’s a killer of a party!
Repeat Murder
Ever want to have a “do-over”?

Kenneth Salzman
SanZman Productions

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