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Current Show Dates in RED


Village Eatery
221 N Glendora Ave. 91741
Dead Tuesday, Oct 19th – Saturday – 6:30 pm
Bloody Dickens Christmas- Sunday Dec 1st and Sunday Dec 8th

LucaBella/Walker House
121 N San Dimas Ave, San Dimas 91773
Dead Tuesday, Oct 27h – Sunday 5:30 pm
Bloody Dickens Christmas- Sunday Dec 15th

Covina Playhouse
Upstairs, 104 N Citrus Ave. Covina 91723
Dead Tuesday, Oct 11th – Friday 6:30 pm

Spaghetti Eddies
946 S Grand Ave, Glendora 91740
Dead Tuesday, Oct 20th – Sunday 2 pm

Our 2019 Murder Mystery season is in full swing, there have been hardly any survivors from our previous shows.

Dead Tuesday

Beads and…..Death? It’s a Mardi Gras fete!

International playboy Francois Fibian is the only one who can solve the murder of a prominent New Orleans socialite during a Mardi Gras costume ball. But he has his own problems. Someone is trying to frame him for the crime. To make matters worse, a voodoo curse is turning him into a frog.

Yes, really!



  A Bloody Dickens Christmas


God rest ye merry gentlemen. R.I.P.

Christmas turns into a dickens of a holiday for [Holly Wreath] as mystery and romance converge in this Christmas tale where goodwill and justice triumph. Or do they? Beware…its Christmas!