Come Work For Us

We are always looking for new talent and take pride in paying our actors a fair wage.

Before applying, read a few notes about schedules and the type of entertainment we provide.

Rehearsals run Tuesdays and Thursdays for 8-6 weeks prior to the show date.

Performers are expected to be off book after the 6th rehearsal.

We run one additional dress rehearsal the week before the first show, typically this is scheduled during the first rehearsal.

Our rehearsal time is limited, in this way we don’t waste actors time, which contributes to a fairly earned wage.  This means we DO NOT TOLERATE MISSED REHEARSALS.

Our rehearsal space is in Glendora CA.

Performance space: 
We perform in multiple venues with different exits, different table set ups, and different green room spaces.  Its important to keep this in mind when trying to memorize blocking. The space will change constantly, stay on your toes!

Where we perform and how we perform.

All shows will be performed around the tables as the audience dines.

This means you need to be able to act on a swivel, we can’t show buts to any audience memeber for any particular amount of time. Be prepared to move, so the entire space gets a good and interactive show.

The show itself is 100% scripted, however we rely heavily on our cast members improving and playing with the audience throughout the entire show, and during the serving times.
This can range from: One liners, jibes at certain audience members, innuendos relating to your last line, making fun of a phone ringing etc etc….
Be ready to play with the audience in a non scripted way.

Also, be ready to dodge wait staff.

Some travel will be required to each performance venue, however our regulars are always happy to set up carpools. 

To scheduling a meeting and audition, email your resume and headshot to: